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Your financial planner must be someone with whom you are willing to start a long journey that will certainly affect your family, your living ancestors, and your future heritage.  Do not make this decision lightly.  The decisions you make in union with your planner will address protection of the existing 'way of life' for your immediate loved-ones, care of aging parents and relatives, gifts of education and financial freedom for your offspring and future generations, peace of mind for yourself when you determine to change careers or to slow down your existing pace of work, and your sense of returning some of life's bounty to humankind through charity and good works.  These issues transcend dollars, and the relationship between you and your planner must transcend the concept of 'investing my money'.

When we work with you on any financial planning issues, we will do the following:

First, we will meet with you to discuss your expectations and mutually define the scope of this engagement.  This includes identifying the services to be provided, disclosing our fee arrangements, determine the responsibilities of both we the planners and you the client, establish the duration of the engagement, and provide any information needed to further limit or define the scope of this engagement. There is NO CHARGE for this meeting.

Second, we will gather your financial information and determine your goals.  If this is a limited, very specific engagement, these goals may be very precise and the list of needed financial information very short.  If this is a comprehensive planning engagement, the goals will be far less specific and will span many years and possibly many generations. The informational needs for this will exceed those of a limited engagement.  This process may be short, or it may span weeks or months.

Third, we will analyze and evaluate your financial status based upon this information. The objective is to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your total financial picture in relation to the achievement of your goals.

Fourth, we will develop and present our recommendations.  You and us will jointly review the recommendations and make adjustments as needed.  It is important that you understand what we propose, and are comfortable with the recommendations.

Fifth, we will implement the agreed upon recommendations.

Sixth, we will monitor the recommendations to determine the effect of tax law changes, performance, changes in the general economic environment, and changes in your personal situation and goals.

Note that steps two through six may be limited by any agreements made in step one, prior to the actual agreement where we decide to work together.


Corporate Philosophy

Please refer to our 'Philosophy' page for this information.



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