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Meetings Between You and Us

We have discovered it is often easier for us to come to you for meetings, than for you to take the time to come to us. Our meetings often uncover the need for some specific document or information that you have at work or at home. We are happy to come to your office or your home.  You certainly have the option of visiting us in our home/office (see 'contact info'). 

We will keep meetings focused and on time.  We try not to schedule meetings lasting longer than 90 minutes to avoid 'brain overload'.  We will provide an agenda for any meeting we initiate with you.


Meetings - What's Normal

There will always be the initial consultation meeting.  See 'About Us' for more information on this no-charge meeting.  Once we enter into a client/advisor relationship, there will be two or three meetings over the next few months to gather data, goals, and documents.  Depending upon the complexity of the issue(s) to be addressed, one or two meetings will occur to present our proposals to address the issue(s) and make sure you understand what we propose. Once any adjustments are made, and assuming an on-going relationship is established, we will likely meet once each 6 months to review current status.  We are always available for impromptu or as-needed meetings in person or on the phone to discuss any questions or new issues that may arise.

We will use phone, email, regular mail, and any other tools that may allow us to get to you the information you need in a timely manner in a format with which you feel comfortable.  If you are technology adverse and prefer eye to eye contact, that is fine and that's what we will do.



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