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Our Promise

Every financial planner on our staff makes the following promises to our clients:

I promise that, throughout all the years we work together, you will not find any other financial planner who will be more committed to you and your family, and to the realization of your financial goals.

I promise to invest your capital with as much care and concern as I use for my own investments.  My loved ones are important to me and I care about their future. I know your loved ones are important to you and that you care at least as much about their future.

I promise to tell you the plain, simple truth, even when it is something you may not want to hear.

I promise I will tell you "I don't know" when you ask a question I cannot answer completely.  I also promise I will not stop researching the issue until I find the answer and convey the answer to your satisfaction.

I promise you will receive no 'hot tips' from me.  'Hot tips' will damage our mutual plan for your financial future.

I promise I do not know what the future will be, but I can give you faith in the future to avoid needless fears.

I promise to honor and defend the trust and faith you place on me as your financial advisor.


Now that you know our promises to you, please review our core philosoply.



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