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We provide financial planning services to help you identify your goals, put a plan in place to achieve those goals, and monitor the plan to make sure it is meeting your goals.  Some of the many aspects of this entire process are:

bulletGoal Setting
bulletCash Flow Planning
bulletDebt Management
bulletEducation Funding
bulletIncome Tax Planning
bulletRetirement Planning and Projections
bulletInvestment Planning
bulletPortfolio Management
bulletInsurance Review (with Long Term Care)
bulletEstate Planning
bulletCharitable Gifting
bulletMultigenerational Gifting

The term 'Comprehensive Financial Planning' is used to cover all of the items listed above.  We provide a comprehensive financial planning service, which means we address all of the above topics with you.  This is an on-going relationship that will span many years.  Refer to our 'Compensation' page to learn about the fee structure for this comprehensive service.

We also can work with you to address individual areas. You may have specific issues on which you want advice.  We can address those issues on an hourly basis.  Refer to our 'Compensation' page to learn about the fee structure for this hourly service.  Please understand that many individual issues are affected by wider, more comprehensive issues.  For example, addressing educational funding quickly leads to cash flow issues, emergency fund issues, and adequate insurance coverage issues.  Life is complex, and so are these topics.  We will attempt to stay focused on a specific issue, but that is not always possible. We will keep you informed of the additional time required to properly address the issues, and you can decide how to proceed at that point. Note that this requires no minimum level of assets or account size, and no long term commitment. This gives you the flexibility to work with us on an as-needed or on-going basis.  Most of these types of arrangements lead to an on-going, long term comprehensive planning relationship.

Regardless of how we are of service to you, remember that at no time are we in control of your money.  You will always have ultimate control and discretion over your money and your financial future.  You are free at any time to walk away with no penalty.  We certainly do not expect this to happen, but it is important that you know you are in complete control of your financial life.

Examples of normal questions our services will help you answer are:

bulletWhen can I retire, or feel financially secure enough to change occupations?
bulletAm I saving enough?  How much should I be saving?
bulletCan I provide for my children's education, or the education of a friend or relative?
bulletCan I afford to care for my parent(s) or other loved one(s) in their old age?

Examples of more complex questions that our comprehensive planning can help you address are:

bulletWhat exactly would happen to your family and loved ones if you or one of your family did not  wake up in the morning?
bulletWhat exactly would happen to your family and loved ones if you or one of your family was suddenly disabled?
bulletWho do you need or want to educate, when must that occur (future generations), and do you have a clue as to what that may cost?
bulletHow and when do you see yourself retiring?  What will you do then, and what will that cost, for the next 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, etc?
bulletDo you have any parents or other ancestors or special need relatives living?  What do you feel your responsibilities are for their care, and what might that cost?
bulletWhat do you feel are the responsibilities of your family and loved ones for your care in advanced age?  What have you done to provide for your own care, and what type of care do you want?
bulletHow important is it to you to intervene in a meaningful way in the lives of your children and their children? Do you want to do this while you are living, or as a legacy?  Are there institutions or causes about which you feel a strong bond, such that you wish to financially support them?
bulletWho should pay inheritance taxes on your estate, and how should these taxes be paid?

When we work with you on any financial planning issues, we will do the following:

First, we will meet with you to discuss your expectations and mutually define the scope of this engagement.  This includes identifying the services to be provided, disclosing our fee arrangements, determine the responsibilities of both we the planners and you the client, establish the duration of the engagement, and provide any information needed to further limit or define the scope of this engagement. There is NO CHARGE for this meeting.

Second, once we have entered into a client/advisor relationship, we will gather your financial information and determine your goals.  If this is a limited, very specific engagement, these goals may be very precise and the list of needed financial information very short.  If this is a comprehensive planning engagement, the goals will be far less specific and will span many years and possibly many generations. The informational needs for this will exceed those of a limited engagement.  This process may be short, or it may span weeks or months.

Third, we will analyze and evaluate your financial status based upon this information. The objective is to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your total financial picture in relation to the achievement of your goals.

Fourth, we will develop and present our recommendations.  You and us will jointly review the recommendations and make adjustments as needed.  It is important that you understand what we propose, and are comfortable with the recommendations.

Fifth, we will implement the agreed upon recommendations.

Sixth, we will monitor the recommendations to determine the effect of tax law changes, performance, changes in the general economic environment, and changes in your personal situation and goals.

Note that steps two through six may be limited by any agreements made in step one, prior to the actual agreement where we decide to work together.

When we work together in a comprehensive planning arrangement, the first step is to produce a comprehensive financial plan for you.  This plan is a description of your financial life at this point in time, a list of your goals and future aspirations, and a recommended map of what to do to reach your goals.  We all know that no one can accurately predict the future, and no one can guarantee future results.  This plan is a reasonable, well thought out set of actions that based upon historical information should put your goals within reach.  Part of the comprehensive planning service is the regular monitoring of your plan so that new or changing goals and circumstances in your life, along with updates for plan performance, can be integrated into the comprehensive plan.  Please understand that the most important element of the comprehensive planning process is going through the actual process itself.  The written plan produced by the process is a snapshot in time, and provides documentation of the decisions and assumptions made during the planning process.  Blindly following that plan over the years without any adjustments to the plan will not produce the intended result.










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